Wednesday, February 9, 2011

fw: Maryland: Same-Sex Marriage Takes Center Stage

An article on the front page of caught my eye.
We don't live in a theocracy. We have separation of church and state. So why is the state involved in marriage at all. It's a religious institution. Our tax dollars are being wasted paying our legislators to spend time on this issue. I'd say this is an extreme case of fraud and abuse. Government needs to get out of our families, homes, and lives. A read of this article conveys that much time and money has been wasted by government on this. This is unethical and un-american. We believe in limited government and individual liberty.
Now, until we are able to withdraw government's control of marriage, we at least should not allow it to re-define it.
Here's the article:

Same-Sex Marriage Takes Center Stage

Posted on February 08, 2011

By David Saleh Rauf

ANNAPOLIS (February 8, 2011) — Glen Dehn and Charles Blackburn met at a party in Baltimore's historic Bolton Hill neighborhood in the late 1970s.

Within a month, the two started living together.

Fast forward roughly 32 years: Dehn, 73, and Blackburn, 78, are still an item.

They've balked at the idea of getting married in one of the handful of states that allow same-sex marriage for one reason. They want to exchange vows in Maryland.

Friday, February 4, 2011

fw: Just Hours After Voting Against ObamaCare Repeal, Bill Nelson Admits “Possibility” That Health Law Is Unconstitutional

So much for the oath to uphold and defend the constitution, eh?

Just hours after he voted against the repeal of President Obama’s massive health care overhaul – preserving its $500 billion in Medicare cuts, $570 billion in tax hikes, and controversial individual mandate – liberal U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) admitted on ABC’s Top Line today that there is a “possibility” the health law is unconstitutional.


This is humorous:

Is KFC threatening Barack Obama with a giant chicken sandwich? I don’t know, but I can say that around the time Chinese President Hu Jintao visited America a few weeks ago, KFC ran a commercial in Hong Kong using an Obama look-a-like (and the “change” phrase) to sell a new chicken sandwich. And it features that look-a-like getting pummeled by said sandwich

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