Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for? You might enjoy this Thanksgiving message that my church produced. I like the "muffins" and "macaroni & cheese" responses. Ironically, at my Toastmaster club meeting this week we all shared our answers to the same question. I'm thankful for my family; that we are all healthy, after all we have been through this year bringing Elijah home from China, and that our oldest son James is thriving in his service on a mission in California. I'm also thankful for all my friends, old and new, with whom I grow and learn so much. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!!
Random people on the streets of New York City share a variety of grateful responses to one simple question: What are you thankful for?

The Hoax is Finally Exposed « NewsReal Blog

so, can the man made global warming debate finally be over? For some reason I don't think this evidence will change the mind of those who have been conspiring to use this issue to gain more and more power over the people.
Let’s have an open, clear, and multi-faceted debate on global warming. Let’s make sure we hear the evidence – all the evidence – before rushing to predetermined conclusions. After all, isn’t that the scientific method???

Alinsky, Beck, Satan and Me « NewsReal Blog

You might find this interesting reading over your Thanksgiving holiday. This is the first of a six part series of articles that David Horowitz wrote on the influential radical Saul Alinksy. good stuff Maynard ...
Glenn Beck will be on vacation this week but when he returns on the 24th he has invited me to come to New York to talk to him on camera about Saul Alinsky, the strategy guru of the Obama era. For the the ...

Thursday, November 19, 2009



Man, I hate to see how their parents are going to react when they get the bill?

Daily Bruin: A crowd of more than 500 demonstrators rushed Covel Commons on Wednesday to protest a proposed 32 percent student fee increase. They were met by dozens of university police, some of whom were outfitted in riot gear. ...

Official can't certify job stats

Official can't certify job stats - “The inaccuracies on that have come to light are outrageous and the administration owes itself, the Congress, and every American a commitment to work night and day to correct the ludicrous mistakes," the House Appropriations Committee Chairman said in a statement.

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Sen Lindsey Graham asks Eric Holder if Osama bin Laden will be read "Miranda Rights" if captured

You've got to watch this. Senator Lindsey Graham has multiple personalities. Here, we have GOOD LINDSEY questioning the despicable attorney general Eric Holder. Graham gives him too much credit though. This is intentional. Holder makes no sense and we can only gather that this is part of the administration's plan to spread more lawlessness and uncertainty into our society; to destroy it. (How in the world did we get stuck with the likes of Holder, Pelosi, Reid, Biden, Obama, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, etc. anyway? We've been asleep at the wheel far too long folks )

Here is outstanding video of Sen. Lindsey Graham today on Capitol Hill questioning Attorney General Eric Holder about why he has chosen to try the 9/11 Conspirators in civilian court.Graham put Holder ...

Reid's health care plan requires monthly abortion fee - let's go to China

Besides the fact that we simply can't afford it, with our deficit currently at $12 Trillion ($105 Trillion when you account for liabilities), dirty Harry's health plan bill would have you and I funding abortions. Hello!?! Are we still in America?! Why are we paying this group of a few in power to attack our liberty along with that of our children and grand children? Do we not believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! We do! We've been trying to tell them, but they don't listen. It's so absurd that we have to spend our time fighting those who attack us using the money they take from us. AGGGHGGHGHG!!!! C'mon, even China has told us to stop spending; to reign it in. I guess America has gone too far left for even the communists in China that have loaned us most of our debt. Hey, the bright side is, I've been to China, it aint all that bad, and they're hiring. So, brush up on your Mandarin and hide your Bible. We're gonna be alright. But, I'd prefer to keep America if we can.

Just like the original 2,032-page, government-run health care plan from Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) massive, 2,074-page bill would levy a new “abortion premium” fee on Americans in the government-run plan.

Kick Dirty Harry Out! Support Sue!

Kick Harry Reid out of office! Support Sue Lowden!


The Cloward/Piven Strategy of Economic Recovery

"It is bitter irony that the American taxpayer will actually fund the destruction of his own ability to live according to the values of our Founding Documents. It is not alarmist to identify this situation as a coup d'etat."

Say No to Reid Health Care Bill!

Call These Senators & Tell Them to Vote No on Reid’s Health Care Bill (Remember Be Polite)
Mary Landrieu of Louisiana 202-224-5824 Ben Nelsonof Nebraska 202-224-6551 Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas 202-224-4843 Evan Bayh of Indiana 202-224-5623

Mark Levin Show

I called Senator Mary Landrieu at 202-224-5824; her voice mail box was full.

You'd think that they would at least be able to afford a larger voice mail box. Representative Steny Hoyer has this problem a lot.

This is what I submitted to Senator Mary Landrieu via her contact us form on her website at

Please vote NO on Reid’s Health Care Bill. I have appreciated your leadership in the past on adoption issues and so I am asking you to use common sense on this one. We can in no way afford to pay for government run health care. It is immoral to put that burden on our children and grand children. Let's start right now recovering our national debt. Even China has asked us not to add the burden from the cost of government run health care onto our current $12.2 trillion deficit ($105 trillion including liabilities) Thank You

Senator Ben Nelson's voice mail box is also full. You can leave comments via their "contact us" form by following the link at the article linked above.

This is what I told him via his website:

Please vote NO on Reid’s Health Care Bill. Please use common sense. We can in no way afford to pay for government run health care. It is immoral to put that burden on our children and grand children. Let's start right now recovering our national debt. Even China has asked us not to add the burden from the cost of government run health care onto our current $12.2 trillion deficit ($105 trillion including liabilities) Thank You

By the way, your voice mail box is full. You should invest in a new one.

I added the last line above when I submitted comments to Senator Blanch Lincoln and Senator Evan Bayh. They both had full voice mail boxes as well.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Representative Steny Hoyer ignores his constituent's concerns on health care legislation!

November 5, 2009

We took the day off from work; those who are still employed.

We gathered on the west lawn of the capitol to protest against the heavy hand of government invading our lives. We did all that we know how to do to try and salvage what liberties we still have in America for our posterity.

We called our representative Steny Hoyer and told him we were here, and invited him to come speak to us.

Hoyer ignored us and didn't show.

We told him we were coming up to his office to voice our concerns.

When we arrived, Hoyer wasn't there.

What would you do?

How would you serve those for whom you have been entrusted with their liberty and property to protect?

Would you ignore that they were coming to voice their serious concerns?

Hoyer did!

Would you carry on with your push to ram through legislation that many of your constituents are opposed to (probably the majority)?

Hoyer did!

Would you continue to oppose and oppress as their enemy and scoff, mock, and ridicule them?

Hoyer did!

Would you tout bold face lies and violate your oath to uphold and defend the constitution?

Hoyer did!


We expect nothing less then to be listened to with thoughtful consideration.

At the very least he should have asked for more time to consider his constituents concerns before he could place his vote. He should have come to listen to what we had to say.

I would not have rushed anything through without taking every possible opportunity to listen to my constituents.

It really makes you wonder what his motives are when the new legisltation wouldn't even take effect until more than 3 years from now.

It makes you wonder what kind of a man Hoyer is?

It makes you wonder how he's gotten re-elected for so many years?

It makes you furious and causes you to emphatically stand up and demand for something better!

Down with Hoyer! Never again! Let's send him packing!

Anyone but Hoyer!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

notes from Glenn Beck tv show 20091102 monday

Glen Beck tv show 20091102
- Fix medicare & medicaid before you try to fix health care
- combined budgets are $700 B - bigger then defense budget
- Insurance companies made 2.2% profit across entire system
- Medicare & Medicaid have lost $60 B in fraud
- no head of Medicare or Medicaid program - pres Obama hasn't done this yet - why?
- how will you evaluate how bad the situation is
- Kevin Williamson - deputy managing efitor, national review
- CMS: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
- Medicare & Medicaid & Social Security are about half of federal budget
- amount of fraud, waste, abuse, crime, outright theft is unreal
- CMS oversees federally funded health programs
- all sorts of stuff going on that are not strictly illegal; but improper;
- Joe Wilson wasn't lieing, already covering illegal aliens
- CMS is part of the department of health and human services
- the administrator of CMS oversees about $700B in annual spending
- federal govt: medicare fraud costs american taxpayer $60B per year
- Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann was on Glen's radio show today and invited people to come to the capitol and meet her at noon on Thursday to hear John Voit speak and walk the halls of congress
- lawyers have been very quite about health insurance: lawyers. why? they are getting bought off (Kevin says) - they are going to make a lot of money off of this; no one will do as well as the lawyers
- they will get the govt stopping states from enacting any sort of tort reform that will put any sort of limits on their earnings from medical liability claims
- tort reform puts caps on non economic damages
- CBO: medical malpractice reforms could save up to $54 B
- house health bill cuts uncentives to states that cap attorney fees
- establishing grants in Pelosi's version of the bill; they will provide money for alternatives to liability lawsuites, but if you take the money you can't enact any actual tort reform (Kevin)
- While we've been focused on/distracted by/with health care reform, they've been sneaking all sorts of legislation through; you have to watch the other hand

  • increased the budget of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) by  a third; several billion dollars
  • we've set aside $5.5B for community organizing and neighborhood stability groups (i.e. ACORN)
  • money set aside for veteranarians; dogs health care
  • hate crimes bill in military defense policy (hate crimes legislation was added to $680B defense authorization bill)
  • set aside couple million acres of land that you can't develop oil or energy resources on in the land use bill
  • net neutrality rule stuck in the stimulus bill 
- 2/4/09: pres obama signs schip bill into law
- 2/17/09: obama signs $787B stimulus program into law
- 10/28/09: obama signs hate crimes bill into law
- they were supposed to put stuff online to make it available for debate
- they were supposed to put health care debates up on CSPAN
- Reid will use nuclear option (reconciliation process, done outside of normal legislation process); they will pack in all sorts of other stuff into the bill (student loans, energy policy, number of other things)

- friday special show with one of the most underrepresentated groups in America

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stop Alan Grayson

This is the guy that called a woman a K Street Whore and said that Republicans' plan for health care reform is to just let people die.

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